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Pre-submission advice - Talk to us first

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With your project on the drawing board or even before, we will be pleased to provide free, confidential advice on all aspects of your proposal. Important areas such as fire safety, energy efficiency and access for the disabled can be agreed before projects reach tender stage.

Our surveying staff all live locally and often have detailed knowledge of local construction types and ground conditions. Allied with our access to construction records of existing properties dating back many decades, a call to or meeting with your local BCP surveyor will give you the complete picture.

If appropriate, we can also involve other bodies such as the Fire Service or planning colleagues and set up joint meetings to discuss your proposals.

Experience has shown that a pre-submission meeting can have a significant and positive impact upon design time and costs.

Our Access officer can review schemes at a very early stage and provide advice on the best way to comply with both Part M of the Building Regulations and the Disability Discrimination Act

We can also talk with you about how we can tailor our service to meet your needs, why using the Building Control Partnership is the best choice, and of course the cost of the service.

You are welcome to contact us, to drop into the either of our offices before you make a Building Regulation application or for larger schemes, we will come and see you.

Pre-submission advice - Do I need approval - For advice on the types of works that do not need a Building Regulation application and a form you can use to formally enquire and receive a written reply within 15 working days.

The difference between Building Regulations and planning permission - If you are unclear about the differences between these two types of permission.

Failure to comply with the Building Regulations - Both the owner of a property and the Builder carrying out applicable building work have legal responsibilities under the Building Regulations and Building Act.


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