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Changing address?


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If you move house/business and decide that you want to give the property a name, or you wish to change the existing name, you must consult with the Council. The necessary checks can then be carried out before agreement to the change.
It is very important that this procedure is followed; otherwise the statutory bodies and emergency services will not be aware of the change and if you then need to call out the Police, Ambulance Service, Fire Service or Doctor, their arrival could be substantially delayed.

In order to make an application for a change of address, we would request that an the following is submitted

Remember the accuracy of addresses is very important for a variety of reasons, including personal on-line transactions.

If your house has a number allocated to it, you must legally keep this as part of your address but you may add a house name to it as well.

Under Section 18 of the Public Health Act 1925 the Council can alter the name (and numbers of any street) if there is a particular need to do so. We will give careful consideration to the reasons for the request and give a decision after consultation with the emergency services and Royal Mail. If the scheme is implemented each occupier will be notified together with advice on what action to take.

Please note where a property does not have a postal number any change of house name must also be notified directly to Land Registry (PG002 - Keeping your address for service up to date). For further information please visit Royail Mails website

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