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Full Plans Application

Download the Full Plans Application form PDF External Hyperlink

This is the most widely known and used option, where scaled plans clearly indicating the proposed constructional details and where necessary supporting structural calculations, have to be submitted.

A Building Control Surveyor will check the plans for compliance with the Building Regulations within fifteen working days of submission. Any queries or problems will be conveyed to you or your agent (if applicable) and when these are resolved an approval notice is issued.

We aim to make our initial contact with you or your agent within 15 working days from the date of your application being accepted.

A decision on a Full plans application must be made within a maximum time period of 5 weeks, extendable on request to 2 months.

A Full plans application approval is generally valid for 3 years from date of deposit.

The advantages of a Full plans applications are that you receive a formal approval notice, which can be presented to financial institutions, solicitors, surveyors, etc when seeking loans or moving house. Also you have the assurance that provided the work is carried out in accordance with the approved plans the Building Regulations will be satisfied and this can save expensive mistakes. A set of approved plans will also allow you to obtain detailed quotes from a builder based on the knowledge that the key elements of the work to comply with the regulations has been detailed.

After plan approval when the works start, Building Control Surveyors will carry out various Site Inspections to determine that the building works being undertaken complies with the Building Regulations.

Charges for the 'Full Plans' option are normally required in two stages.

A charge is payable when an application is submitted and a further charge is payable after the first inspection of the works on site (some minor works are paid fully on submission and are not subject to this second charge.

See Our charges for more information

To Submit the Application:

Complete the full plans application form and include :

(*An additional two copies of the plans are required for work to properties where persons are employed and / or are subject to a Fire Certificate under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 e.g. shops, factories, offices, public buildings etc.

Alternatively, follow this link to make an Electronic application & plan submission External Hyperlink

Payment by Cheque

For both Gosport and Fareham Building Regulation applications, please make your cheques payable to Fareham Borough Council' and if you are making a planning application at the same time, please ensure you include separate cheques for each application.

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