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Building Notice Application

(Download the Building Notice Application Form External Hyperlink)

Under this option detailed plans are not required (see restrictions on it's use below) and once the notice has been submitted you have to wait only 48 hours before starting the work. The total fee for the work has to be paid when the Building Notice is submitted.

The Building Notice route does not require the submission of plans with the Notice, other than in cases involving the erection or extension of a building where a block plan indicating the size and position of the works is required. The block plan should be at a minimum scale of 1:1250 (see note on the Building Notice Application form). In all cases we may, however, require additional details to be submitted during or before the construction process, including structural calculations, to enable us to ensure compliance with the Regulations.

Once the Notice is received and providing the fee is correct you will be issued with a Building Notice Acceptance letter within fifteen days of submission of the notice. You should note that this does not in any way indicate prior approval of your proposals. Although this process may appear advantageous, please be aware of the following.

  1. You and/or your builder have no approved plans to work to, nor do you receive the same protection afforded by the Full plans procedure. Whilst the inspecting surveyor will endeavor to anticipate problems, delays and costly remedial work may be necessary if the work carried out does not comply with the Building Regulations.
  2. You may find that without plans you and your builder have different ideas in respect of details and general design issues outside of the Building Regulations. This may lead to contractual difficulties. The ‘estimate’ the builder gives you may prove inaccurate without the benefit of full design information.

This procedure is useful for carrying out smaller projects, such as bathroom installations and minor structural alterations.  It does rely on the person undertaking the work having some familiarity with Building Regulation requirements or you risk having to correct works after inspection. Close co-operation is required with yourself and/or your builder and the Building Control Surveyor who will visit to inspect the works at various stages, appropriate to the works being undertaken.

Please note that even if you choose to submit a plan with a Building Notice Application it will not be formally checked, the only way to get an approved plan on which you can rely is to make a full plans application. If you are in any doubt, please contact us to discuss.

A Building Notice application is valid for 3 years from date of acknowledgement.

It cannot be used for premises where people are employed or where a Fire Certificate under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is applicable e.g. shops, factories, offices, public buildings etc.


Where the proposals consisting of either underpinning, extensions or new build and effects or is likely to effect access to or is built over a drain, sewer or disposal main indicated on the map of sewers kept by the sewerage undertakers.


Works involves the erection of any building fronting onto a private street.

In these cases you must submit   plans under the Full Plans application procedures.

To Submit the Building Notice:

Please download the Building Notice application form External Hyperlink, complete and return with the appropriate charge payment. This fee is equivalent to the combined "Plan Fee" and "Inspection Fee" which would be payable when making a "Full Plans" application.

Please remember that for al new buildings and extensions - a 1:1250 scale location plan (block plan), showing the proposals size and position and its relationship to adjoining boundaries, together with a drainage plan indicating the proposals drainage discharges to the existing drainage systems must be provided.

Electronic Submission of a Building notice

Alternatively, follow this link if you wish to make an Electronic application & plan submission


Where as Charges External Hyperlink for the 'Full Plans' option are normally submitted in two stages, in the case of a 'Building Notice'  a single charge is payable upon submission of the notice.

See our charges External Hyperlink for more information.

Payment by Cheque

For both Gosport and Fareham Building Regulation applications, please make your cheques payable to Fareham Borough Council' and if you are making a planning application at the same time, please ensure you include separate cheques for each application.

Paying Online

Please determine to required charge required and follow this link to make a payment online

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