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Customer Charter


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The Building Control Partnership has been formed by Gosport Borough and Fareham Borough Councils with the aim of providing you, our customers, services that are efficient, friendly and represent good value for money.

Over a great many years we have made it our business to ask you what level of service you want from us. This Charter contains details of our services and the standards we will guarantee to you.

Our Staff

When you talk to us you will find us friendly, courteous, and at all times ready to offer commonsense, down-to-earth practical advice when dealing with your building projects.

Remember – we are impartial and publicly accountable so you can rely on the information we give you. We also enjoy a close liaison with all other Local Authority services, so if we can’t help we often know someone who can.

The Services we provide

The main services include:

The Building Control Partnership is committed to achieving the following levels of service which greatly exceed those normally expected or required by legislation.

Customer Care

Building Regulation Services

Dangerous Structures


Street naming and postal numbering

All the above standards are the minimum you should expect from us. Our aim is to exceed these wherever possible.

Value for Money

Our services are continually assessed to ensure they offer the highest levels of quality and efficiency.

Building Regulation charges are set annually with the intention of covering expenditure.

Raising the standards

It is our intention to ensure you are always fully satisfied with the services we provide for you.

It is only by listening to you, our customers, that improvements can be made and if you are not totally satisfied in any way with the service we have provided to you, or you can offer suggestions as to possible improvements, do please let us know.

The Building Control Partnership has a comprehensive complaints procedure in place. If you have a complaint, please tell us and we will investigate the matter immediately and respond to you within 5 working days. A complaint form is always available on request, or you can complete the Report a problem online form.

Remember that the Building Control Partnership is also accountable to you through an elected Councillor who will investigate and report back to you.

Both Gosport Borough Council and Fareham Borough Council also operate a Council wide complaints procedure. A separate leaflet outlining this procedure is available from Gosport Town Hall and Fareham Civic Offices. Finally, you can contact the Local Ombudsman to further investigate your complaint if you are not satisfied with our response.

We are continually trying to raise standards where possible and your comments will always be treated very seriously and acted upon where possible.

How to contact us: General Enquires: 01329 824823

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