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Completion Certificates

Completion inspection

This is one of the most important inspections, yet is probably the one that is most forgotten.

You must contact us within five days of completing the building work (or prior to occupation), to arrange for a completion inspection to be carried out.

During a completion inspection, our surveyor will check important elements such as fire precautionary measures and systems, ventilation, roof voids, drains and plumbing tests. A final visual inspection of all the completed works often results in items that require the attention of the builder, and, if he has left the site, it may be more difficult or inconvenient to arrange for the works to be corrected.

Completion Certificates are now regarded as valuable documentary evidence, ensuring that the works satisfied the requirements of the Building Regulations at the time of the completion inspection. A Completion Certificate may be required when selling a property or raising finance, therefore it should be kept in a safe place.

Providing that each stage of inspection has been notified to the Council, and the Building Control Surveyor is satisfied that the work complies with the Building Regulations, a "Completion Certificate" will be issued.

It is always advisable to check that a completion certificate has been issued before making the final payment on any project

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