Working in partnership

Starting Work and Inspections


Building Regulation permission

For work that requires Building Regulation approval, you may start as soon as you have submitted the required application and charge to us. You must contact us when you intend to commence work and in this instance, all works you carry out before formal approval will be at your own risk. We will carry out our normal inspections and work with you to minimise any risks but any work found to be non-compliant will need to be altered.

Our best advice is to wait until you have a Building Regulation approval notice or Building notice acknowledgement before commencing work but we understand that sometimes this is not possible.

Please note that after a commencement inspection has been made, you will be invoiced directly for a one-off inspection charge as set out in the letter that accompanied your Plan approval. This covers all further inspections made during building work (note- some works are not subject to this charge as it will have been paid with the application submission).

Planning Permission

Before starting work, you must always have either been granted Planning permission or have confirmation that the proposed works do not require an application.

When you have established the need for and gained any necessary permission, you can gain more information on the inspection process and completion by following the links below.

Fareham Borough Council Gosport Borough Council Portsmouth City Council
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